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Lina Inverse
Gender Female
Series Slayers
Taken 4 Baths
Bathed In Hot Spring
Bathed with Naga
several unnamed bathers
Accessories Used Towel

Lina Inverse is the main protagonist from the Slayers.

She's a young sorceress who uses black magic and is primarily known for her "limited" height & bust size, an unique greed for money and an enormous appetite.

Slayers (anime)

episode 11

She creates a Hot Spring by using fire magic for her to Skinny Dip in. During the bath, Lina is accidentally peeped at by the guys who gave her today's assignment.

Slayers The Motion Picture

In the Movie "Slayers Perfect" she and Nagathe Sepent are trying out a public swimming pool/hot spring which is a legendary local tourist attraction. Naga discovers a plot to cheat on the customers, leading to a bathhouse battle between the girls and the manager of the amusement park.

Towards the end of the movie, Lina attempts to bathe in a river which is rumored to be a "Fountain of Growth". A farmer holds her back just in time because, as he proves by the example of a tadpole, if she would go swimming in there, she rapidly would start aging into an old woman! To make things worse, Naga appears and harasses Lina in about what she wanted to do around here anyway. Lina won't tell, so Naga makes fun of chasing her down the beach until the night.

Slayers Next

Slayers Excellent

Episode 2

Unnknown Episode

Slayers - Light Magic

Chapter 2

This is a somewhat semi-professional Fan Manga with approval and/or collaboration by the original creators.

Slayers - Medieval Mayhem

Chapter 3


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