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Linn Suzuki / Kotetsu
Gender Female
Series Adventures of Kotetsu
Taken 4 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed with Imposter Miho Kuon
Miho Kuon
Tatsuya Mikado
Oni Azami
Accessories Used Towel

Linn Suzuki also known as Kotetsu is the main protagonist to Adventures of Kotetsu.

Adventures of Kotetsu (manga)Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 8Edit

Adventures of Kotetsu (anime)Edit

Episode 1Edit

In episode one she took a bath with an impostor Miho Kuon and was almost killed by her drowning her in the tub. After Kotetsu breaks the tub, she and the imposter take their fight outside as they fall out of the apartment window while it is raining resulting in them having a Rain Shower during their fight.

Episode 2Edit

She bathes with Miho Kuon at a Hot Spring resort. While messing around and annoying Miho, she gets Bath Kicked by her which causes her to stumble back and accidently break the barrier separating the males side where she ends up appearing naked in front of Tatsuya Mikado. Later that night, Kagari disguises herself to look like Kotetsu and starts to seductively bathe with Mikado. The real Kotetsu gets into the hot spring over on the girls side where she meets back up with Oni Azami. Kotetsu and Azami end up seeing the fake Kotetsu over the fence to find that it is really Kagari and Kotetsu gets a spa robe on a begins to battle Kagari throughout the whole resort.

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