This is a list of bathing scenes from franchises that only appear in a specific adaptation of the series and were not present in its source material or left out of its later adaptations.

Excluded from Anime Adaptation

Bathing scenes that were left out of an anime adaptation.

November 8th, 1997 "One Piece chapter 13"
One Piece ch 13
As Chouchou is being beaten up protecting his deceased owner Hocker's pet food store from an attack by the lion Ritchie of the Buggy Pirates, he has several Flashbacks of his memories with Hocker running the pet food store. One of the moments was a panel of both of them taking a Bath together in a wooden Barrel with Washcloths on their heads with Hocker resting both his arms on the edge happily saying that they sold 100 boxes of food today.

Anime Filler

Bathing scenes that were added to the anime adaptation that were not originally shown in the source material.

May 23rd, 1990 "Dragon Ball Z episode 49"
Dragon Ball Z 49 6
Bulma Brief takes a Bubble Bath in her capsule house and sitting cross legged in the Unit Bathtub talking to Dr. Brief on a radio. When Dr. Brief tells her about Goku coming on his way to rescue her and the others on Planet Namek, she gets excited and throws the radio in the air and stands up. The radio falls into the bathtub and she still talks to him while bending over naked with her explicit areas covered with soap suds.

Excluded from Manga Adaptation

Bathing scenes that were left out of a manga adaptation.

February 8th, 2003 "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed episode 19"
Gundam Seed 19 2
Cagalli Yula Athha takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub to clean up all the ketchup and mustard that was all over her.

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