This is a list of Bath and Shower scenes that have been censored or removed from a release. Most commonly in American releases.

Censored Scenes

Sailor Moon


Uncensored (Top) Censored (Bottom)

In the 4th episode of Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino has a jacuzzi bath in episode 4. In the american release episode 4 is episode 3. In the scene where she takes the bath her clevage was censored.

Outlaw Star

Throughout the series, one of the main female characters the bio-andriod Melfina had a black swimsuit digitally painted when she linked up in a tube to the Outlaw Star.

Tenchi Muyo!

In various episodes of the first 2 OVAs from the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki series and the first television series, the girls had two-piece bikinis drawn on them to hide nudity when aired on Toonami during the Cartoon Network run. Additionally this caused a continuity error, in the 4th episode of OVA 1 to where Ryoko pulled off Ayeka's towel exposing her breasts to the main character Tenchi Masaki, while in the censored version she wore a swimsuit giving no explanation as to why she screamed.

Ranma 1/2

In the french-dubbed version bath scenes or other scenes containing nudity were censored or completely omitted.

Soul Eater


Censored (Top) Uncensored (Bottom)

In the original japanese broadcast of Soul Eater a part of Blair's Bubble Bath in the first episode had floating soap and shampoo bottles covering her rear and breasts. In the DVD version it is uncensored.

Dragon Ball Kai

The Nicktoons and CW4kids Toonzai airing of Bulma's Bubble Bath scene in episode 22 had extra bubbles digitally animated to cover her cleavage.

Removed Scenes

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z 49 13

Bulma standing up in the bathtub bending over

The Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z tended to cut out several episodes worth of material (mostly Filler). A Bubble Bath scene featuring Bulma Brief from episode 49 which was filler was one of the things cut out. The scene was not suggestive other than some minor clevage showing and that she stood up in bathtub with nothing but soap suds covering her as she bent over to talk into a radio. If the scene were to have been in the ocean dub it would have been in episode 37. The scene was finally released in FUNimations uncut redubbing of the series. The scene was also brought back in Dragon Ball Kai episode 22 but the last part of her bending over was cut out, though it was more likely a case of filler removal.



Hitomi's bath scene

Hitomi Kanzaki originally was going to have a bath scene in the 6th episode of Escaflowne but it was cut out with several other scenes due to time constraints. The scene along with many other deleted scenes were brought onto a rare special edition box set only available in japan.

Outlaw Star

In Episode 23 was banned from airing on Cartoon Network due to too much female fanservice such as showing nudity or suggested nudity where one of the female characters Aisha Clan-Clan stood in a position that showed both her breasts and nipples.

Sailor Moon R

Sailor moon 80 10

Screencap from Esmeraudes Bath Scene

In episode 80 of Sailor Moon, The episode begins with Esmeraude relaxing in a bath. This was taken out in the English Dub which instead just showed face shots of her. Esmeraude still shows up in a bathrobe in the next scene but the fact that she was taking a bath was not shown or mentioned at all. She is shown in the bath at the end in the original version but that was removed as well.

Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk


Henaro's bath scene

Henaro was shown having a bath in the preview for episode 11 at the end of the 10th episode but the scene wasn't actually in episode 11. It may have been taken out due to time constraints but it may be possible the scene will be in the DVD.

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