This is a list of Bath & Shower scenes that have been shown a head of time during a trailer or an episode preview. Scenes that appear in recaps also count.


February 26th, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 1"
Dragon Ball 2 14
The preview for episode 2 shows where Son Goku is seen Stripping for his Shower and the part where he is using his tail to scrub himself with the Scrub Brush. It also shows part of Bulma Brief's Bubble Bath scene and where a Shampoo bottle gets thrown at Goku's head from her noticing he is in the bathroom while she is bathing.


October 27th, 1995 "Elf Princess Rane episode 1"
Elf Princess Rane 2 44
The preview for episode 2 shows the moment where Mari Yumenokata and Haruki Takarada are in the rolling around the Bath sphere that fell off the Bath House while Go Takarada and the two fairies are outside glowing towards Mari who was glowing as well.


July 5th, 1995 "Amazing Nurse Nanako episode 1"
Amazing nurse nanoko 2 6
The preview for episode 2 shows the scene of Nanako Shichigusa bathing in a Barrel. The only dialogue in the preview was announcing that there is a scene of Nanako taking a Bath and that the only way for you to see her naked in it is by buying the DVD.