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This is a chronologic listing of Bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1982.

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
January 4th, 1982 "Tsurikichi Sanpei episode 92"
Sanpei 92 (2)
There is a Hot Spring scene.
January 20th, 1982 "Urusei Yatsura episode 13"
Urusei Yatsura013-2
There is a Skinny Dipping scene in the Ocean from Clothing Loss.
January 29th, 1982 "Doraemon (1979) episode 647"
Doraemon 2 647 1
Shizuka Minamoto has a Furo scene.
February 4th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 18"
Mai Machiko has a bathing scene.
February 25th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 21"
Maicching Machiko-sensei21-2
Mai Machiko has a Shower scene.
March 11th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 23"
Maicching Machiko-sensei23-1
There is a Shower scene.
March 13th, 1982 "Doraemon: Nobita no Daimakyo"
Doraemon Daimakyou3
Shizuka Minamoto is seen having a Furo session in the opening credits then later on having a Bubble Bath in a Slipper Bathtub in a Dream Sequence.
March 13th, 1982 "Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space"
MSG movie 3 1
Sayla Mass has a Bath scene.
March 25th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 25"
Maicching Machiko-sensei25-1
Mai Machiko has a Bath and a Shower scene.
April 5th, 1982 "Tsurikichi Sanpei episode 105"
Sanpei 105 (3)
There is a Bath scene.
April 10th, 1982 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman episode 7"
Ippatsuman 7 4
In a Dream Sequence, Mun-Mun is transformed into a cat and given a Bubble Bath.
June 19th, 1982 "Combat Mecha Xabungle episode 20"
Xabungle 20 11
There is a Barrel Bath scene.
June 26th, 1982 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman episode 20"
Ippatsuman 20 4
There is a Bath scene.
July 16th, 1982 "Doraemon (1979) episode 671"
Doraemon 2 671
Shizuka Minamoto has a Bath scene.
July 17th, 1982 "Combat Mecha Xabungle episode 24"
Xabungle 24 1
There is a Bath scene in an Inflatable Pool.
July 23rd, 1982 "Doraemon (1979) episode 672"
Doraemon 2 672 1
Shizuka Minamoto has a Skinny Dipping scene due to Clothing Loss.
August 14th, 1982 "Combat Mecha Xabungle episode 28"
Xabungle 28 6
There is a Bath scene.
August 19th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 46"
Maicching Machiko-sensei46-2
Mai Machiko has a Shower scene.
August 26th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 47"
Maicching Machiko-sensei47-1
Mai Machiko has a Furo scene.
September 2nd, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 48"
Normal Maicching Machiko-sensei48-3
There is a Shower Room scene.
October 21st, 1982 "Tokimeki Tonight episode 3"
Shun Makabe goes to take a Shower after practicing at the local boxing gym. His mother Hanae tells her to take a cat in with him. The cat, however, is actually Ranze, because she had snuck into the Makabe household as a bird and sneezed, so biting a cat was done as a disguise to prevent discovery by Ms Makabe who had just returned home.
October 21st, 1982 "Space Adventure Cobra episode 3"
There is a Shower scene.
October 28th, 1982 "Tokimeki Tonight episode 4"
Shun Makabe takes a Shower.
October 28st, 1982 "Space Adventure Cobra episode 4"
There is a Tube Bath scene.
October 31st, 1982 "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross episode 4"
Lynn Minmay takes a Shower.
November 1st, 1982 "The Kabocha Wine episode 14"
The Kabocha Wine14-022
There is a Bath scene.
November 10th, 1982 "Urusei Yatsura episode 48"
Urusei Yatsura 48 3
Kurama has a Hot Spring scene and a Bubble Bath scene.
November 11th, 1982 "Tokimeki Tonight episode 6"
There is a Shower scene.
November 15th, 1982 "The Kabocha Wine episode 16"
The Kabocha Wine16-025
There is a Public Bath scene.
November 18th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 60"
Maicching Machiko-sensei60-1
Mai Machiko has a Furo scene.
December, 1982 "Pink"
Pink Oneshot 3
Pink has a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
December 15th, 1982 "Urusei Yatsura episode 53"
Urusei Yatsura 053-043
There is a Public Bath scene.
December 16th, 1982 "Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 64"
Maicching Machiko-sensei64-1
There is an Onsen scene.
December 22nd, 1982 "Urusei Yatsura episode 54"
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.

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