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Lucy Heartfilia
Rūshi Hātofiria
Gender Female
Series Fairy Tail
Scenes 11 Baths
3 Showers
Bathed In Hinoki Bathtub[1]
Herbal Spring[3]
Clawfoot Bathtub (stood in for shower)[4]
Public Bath[5]
Bathed with Erza Scarlet[2]
Lucy Ashley (Off Screen)[7]
Cana Alberona[8]
Wendy Marvell[9]
Levy McGarden[9]
Juvia Lockser[9]
Gemini (Off Screen)[10]
Mirajane Strauss[5]
Lisanna Strauss[5]
Flare Corona[5]
Natsu Dragneel[11]
Gray Fullbuster[11]
Walrod Cken[11]
Situations Arm Stretching[1]
Towel Bathing[12]
Mixed Bathing[11]
Accessories Used Towel[1]
Shower Head[8]
Medical Herbs[3]
Green Bathwater[13]
Rubber Duck[13]
Magical Pink Ointment[14]

Lucy Heartfilia is a character from Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail (manga)Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail chapter 4
Fairy Tail ch 4 1

Lucy stretching her arms while in her new bath

At the beginning of the chapter, she is shown Stretching her arms while taking a Bath in the Stone Bathtub in her new house in Magnolia. After that panel she is out of the bath and seen wearing a Towel and drying her hair with another towel as she has a narrative explaining the rest of qualities of her new house. Afterwards she leaps into the living room still in her towel only to find Natsu Dragneel and Happy the cat invading her house getting her angry and frustrated.

Chapter 71Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail chapter 71

Omake: Special Mission: Beware of Guys Who Show a Keen InterestEdit

Main article: Fairy Tail Omake Special Mission: Beware of Guys Who Show a Keen Interest

Chapter 106Edit

Chapter 173Edit

Omake: Coca-ColaEdit

Chapter 201Edit

She has a Furo Scene where she converses with Cana Alberona and then shares the Stone Bathtub with her which seems a bit small for both of them.

Chapter 251Edit

Chapter 261Edit


Chapter 272Edit

Chapter 273Edit

Fairy Tail ch 273

Lucy crying in the shower

She goes to take a Shower after losing her battle against Flare Corona. Apparently her shower lasts through at least the amount of time it took for the next 3 matches as she is seen still in the shower at the end crying.

Chapter 282Edit

Chapter 341Edit

Chapter 347Edit

Chapter 355Edit

Fairy Tail (anime)Edit

1st Ending CreditsEdit

Episode 3Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 3

Episode 21Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 21

Episode 29Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 29

Episode 31Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 31

Lucy takes a bath in an Onsen with Erza Scarlet.

Episode 42Edit

Episode 50Edit

Episode 81Edit

Episode 97Edit

Episode 121Edit

Episode 127Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 127

She takes a bath in a magical ointment that ends up turning her invisible.

Episode 153Edit

Fairy Tail 153

Lucy and the girls after an off screen bath at an onsen

Lucy is seen in a Bathrobe along with Wendy Marvell, Charle, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlet and Juvia Lockser after having an Off Screen Bath in an Onsen which was shown in the 4th OVA.

Episode 159Edit

Fairy Tail 159

Gemini transformed into Lucy in a towel from their off screen bath the night before

During a fight in the Grand Magic Games, Lucy summonds Gemini who transforms how she saw Lucy last which was in a Towel which Lucy comments that it was when she was in the Bath yesterday. This implies that Lucy took an Off Screen bath with Gemini in the Honeybone Lodge's Bathtub during the time frame of the night near the end of episode 155.

Episode 160Edit

Episode 165Edit

Lucy is seen Stripping to get ready to take an Off Screen Shower while talking to Wendy Marvell and Charle as they were getting dressed after they bathed off screen.

Fairy Tail OVAEdit

Ending CreditsEdit

Episode 4Edit

Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess - Hajimari no Asa (one-shot manga)Edit

Fairy Tail: The Phoenix PriestessEdit

See AlsoEdit

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