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Lupin III (anime)

Episode 2

Aired October 31st, 1971

Fujiko Mine takes a Shower after leaving a Stripping Trail. When the Shower Head turns on, you can see a stink cloud implying that she must have been really Filthy before taking the shower.

Episode 3

Aired November 7th, 1971

Arsène Lupin III is seen naked Crotch Covering in the bathroom at the end of the episode talking to the audience giving a preview for the next episode.

Episode 6

November 28th, 1971

Fujiko Mine takes a Bath after successfully stealing the diamond known as the "Star of Killamanjaro". The scene starts with her rubbing the diamond across her arm and leg as she does a Bath Kick.

Episode 17

Aired February 13th, 1972

While riding a deflating balloon, Arsène Lupin III falls into the window of an apartment building which ended up being the bathroom while a woman was taking a Bath. Being mad at Lupin for accidentally Peeping at her, she throws a Bath Bucket at him. Daisuke Jigen who is still riding the balloon, flies up the building where a mother and child are seen bathing and another floor shows a lady in a Towel brushing her hair who finished Off Screen Bathing.

Lupin III: part II

Episode 1

Fujiko Mine takes a Shower.

Episode 49

Zaclyne takes a Shower.

Episode 97

Fujiko Mine has a Shower scene.

Episode 102

There is a Shower scene.

Episode 108

Arsène Lupin III bathes in a Hot Spring.

Episode 110

A picture of Daisuke Jigen taking a Shower is shown. The episode ends at a nudist beach where some people are seen Skinny Dipping in the Ocean.

Episode 112

Goemon Ishikawa XIII bathes in a Hot Spring and Arsène Lupin III takes a Bubble Bath with an inflatable Fujiko Mine.

Episode 141

Fujiko Mine goes Skinny Dipping in a Swimming Pool and then takes a Shower.

Lupin III: Mystery of Mamo

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

Arsène Lupin III briefly Skinny Dips when his is swimming in his boxers and they fall off.

Lupin III part III

Episode 1

Aired March 3rd, 1984

Fujiko Mine has a Skinny Dipping from Clothing Loss.

Episode 4

Aired March 24th, 1984

Fujiko Mine has a Bubble Bath scene.

Lupin III: Fuma Conspiracy

Lupin III: Secret File

This was an unreleased pilot film made in 1969 but wasn't released until 1989. It also included a slightly altered remastered version.

Lupin III: Dragon of Doom

Aired July 29th, 1994

Fujiko Mine has a Shower scene.

Lupin III: The Twilight Gemini

Aired August 2nd, 1996

There is only a Skinny Dipping scene.

Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection

Lupin III: First Contact

Released July 26th, 2002

Fujiko Mine takes a Shower.

Lupin III: Seven Days Rhapsody

Lupin III: Sweet Lost Night

Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Episode 1

Fujiko Mine ends up Skinny Dipping due to Clothing Loss.

Episode 2

Fujiko Mine takes a Bath.

Episode 5

Fujiko Mine takes a Bath in a Bathing Pool filled with Green Bathwater.

Episode 8

Fujiko Mine takes a Bath.

Lupin III: Tōhō Kenbunroku ~Another Page~

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie

Released December 7th, 2013

Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou

There is a scene of Fujiko Mine ending up in an Oil Bath where she is attacked.

Lupin III (live-action film)

The trailer released on April 21st, 2014 for the upcoming live-action film that will come out on August 30th, 2014 shows that it will have a Bubble Bath with a woman (possibly Fujiko Mine) who is seen wearing a towel on her head and doing a Bath Kick.

Lupin The Third

series began in Italy on 30 August 2015

Opening Credits

Released October 1st, 2015 (Japanese Version Only)

Fujiko Mine takes a Shower.

Note: "Zombie a Venezia" ("Venice of the Dead") aired in Italian 6 September 2015 as episode 6 but was not numbered in the Japanese release (released as an un-numbered DVD/Bluray bonus) as a result all subsequent Japanese numbers were 1 lower than the Italian.

Episode 14

"La fine di Lupin III" was released 28 September 2015 in Italian as episode 14
ルパン三世の最期 ("Rupan sansei no saigo") "The End of Lupin III" was released 24 December 2015 in Japanese as episode 13

Episode 20

"Non svegliare il drago che dorme" was released 9 November 2015 in Italian as episode 20
龍は静かに眠る ("Ryu ha Shizukaninemuru") "Dragons Sleep Soundly" was released 11 February 2016 in Japanese as episode 19

Episode 22

"Dal Giappone con amore" was released 15 November 2015 in Italian as episode 22
日本より愛をこめて ("Nippon yori ai wo Komete") "From Japan with Love" was released 25 February 2016 in Japanese as episode 21

Note: "Rendez-vous senza fermate" ("Nonstop Rendezvous") debuted 22 November 2015 in Italian as episode 23. It was released as a DVD/Bluray exclusive in Japanese but not numbered. As a result, subsequent episodes were 2 lower in Japanese compared to the original Italian.

Episode 24

"Ti prenderò, Lupin" was released 23 November 2015 in Italian as episode 24
ルパン、頂きに参ります ("Lupin, Itadaki-ni-Mairimasu") "I'm Going to Get You, Lupin" was released 3 March 2016 in Japanese as episode 22

A Bubble Bath scene in a Bathing Pool with Rebecca Rossellini.

Lupin III Part 5

Episode 11

Fujiko Mine takes a Shower in the jungle.


Lupin III Fujiko Vignette Collection

Fujiko Solar Figure

Banpresto Fujiko Mine Bath Time DX

A figure by Banpresto that depicts Fujiko Mine having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub while Bath Kicking and looking to start Blowing Bubbles.

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