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This character is still relevant to a currently running series and can possibly be having more bathing related scenes in the future.
Lyon Bastia
Lyon Bastia
Rion Basutia
Gender Male
Series Fairy Tail
Scenes 1 Bath[1][2]
Bathed In Hinoki Bathtub[1][2]
Bathed with Gray Fullbuster[1][2]
Accessories Used Ice[2]

Lyon Bastia (also known as Lyon Vastia and Reitei Lyon) is a character from Fairy Tail. As a child he bathed in the Hinoki Bathtub at Ur's house which he lived in and would bathe with Gray Fullbuster[1][2]. As seen in the anime he would have ice in his bathwater for part of his training with adapting to the cold for his Ice Magic.[2]

Fairy Tail (manga)Edit

Chapter 37Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail chapter 37
Fairy Tail ch 37

Lyon and Gray bathing in Ur's bathtub in a flashback

In a Flashback of his and Gray Fullbuster's childhood training under Ur, one of the panels during a montage of their training and home life together shows both Lyon and Gray having a Bath together in a Hinoki Bathtub in Ur's house.

Fairy Tail (anime)Edit

Episode 15Edit

Main article: Fairy Tail episode 15
Fairy Tail 15

Lyon and Gray having a cold bath in the anime

Just like in the manga, a flashback of Lyon and Gray Fullbuster's childhood training under Ur shows a moment of them taking a Bath together in Ur's Hinoki Bathtub. Though unlike the manga, the bath was changed to a Cold Bath filled with Ice where it is shown as a method of their training rather than just a regular bath. Lyon's facial expression has been changed as well, where as in the manga he had a serious look on his face here in the anime, he is shown with a smile on his face and hands behind his back.


  • Lyon is the only Fairy Tail character to have had a bathing scene only in a flashback and not have any form of bathing scene in present tense.
  • Lyon is the first character in the series who wasn't a member of the Fairy Tail guild to have a bathing scene as well as the only member of Lamia Scale to have any form of bathing scene at all.

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