Mouse (stylized MØUSE) is a 14 volume manga series that published from 2000 to 2004. A 12-episode anime series adaptation came out in 2003. A manga sequel called Bakumatsu-den came out in 2005. It is about a master thief named Sorata Muon and 3 assistants who masquerade as school teachers.

Mouse (anime)

Episode 3

Mei Momozono has a shower scene in episode 3 from 5:42 onward.

Episode 9

She is later in the bath when her friends (Mouse's other assistants) are being ambushed by the agents of the group that protects artwork and has been sending the SWAT teams after them. Initially a full-body (though detail-obscured) diagonally scrolling shot is shown.

Episode 12

After a busy night getting drunk on saki and partying with the ladies, Mouse soaks in the bath and converses finance with his 3 assistants. Besides the blonde Mei from the previous scenes, there is also Yayoi Kuribayashi (brown hair with glasses) and Kakio Hazuki (short green hair)

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