English Title:Märchen Awakens Romance
Alternate Title:MÄR
Genre:Fantasy, Action, Adventute
Original Creator:Nobuyuki Anzai
anime series
Directed by:Masaharu Okuwaki
Original Run:April 3, 2005 – March 25, 2007
# of Episodes:102

Märchen Awakens Romance (anime)

Episode 4

24 March 2005

An ARM salesman mentions that one of his dimensional arms can create holes in walls, which could be used for peeping on girls in the shower. Ginta appears to be okay with this.

Episode 9

29 May 2005

Dorothy the red-haired witch goes Skinny Dipping in some Pink Water. Before disrobing she warns Jack not to look at her, though laments that she would be fine if Ginta did.

Episode 10

5 June 2005

Later when Jack tries to spy on Dorothy bathing, it turns out to be Bumoru, one of Alan's guardian ARMs that was training on instead. As she is not as beautiful as Dorothy, this is unpleasant for him.

Episode 18

31 July 2005

Later Dorothy makes a reference to Jack peeping when his morality is in question, being accused of groping a female opponent. She later clarifies that he had peeped on the coach, rather than her.

Episode 51

26 March 2006

While in a training dimension (this time with Snow instead of Jack) Dorothy announces her intent to skinny dip to the younger girl, and then goes and does so.

Episode 68

23 July 2006

Cross Guard member (third man, ranked below Alan, who was 2nd) Gaira tells Jack about how he first met his father Jake prior to the first war. The flashback scene shows Jake Skinny Dipping.

Episode 71

13 August 2006

Episode 86

26 November 2006

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