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Mai Kuju
Mai Kuju
Gender Female
Series Mai, the Psychic Girl
Taken 2 baths
Situations Singing
Angst Bathing
Accessories Used Soap

Mai Kuju is the main protagonist to Mai, the Psychic Girl.

Mai, the Psychic Girl

Chapter 1

She has a Bath and uses her psychic powers to make a bar of Soap float in the air while Singing the song, "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles and then touches her breasts and comments on how she wants them to grow more. She comes out of the bathroom in a polka dotted Towel and tells her dad Shuichi Kuju who was on the phone that she is finished and that he can now use the bath.

Chapter 19

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Mai, the Psychic Girl
Bathers Mai KujuShuichi KujuRon
Manga Chapters 1141929
Scene Years 1985
Appearing Content
Bathing Types Bath
Scenarios SingingOff Screen BathingAngst Bathing
Bathtubs Washtub
Accessories SoapTowelBubble Bath

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