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Anime Bath Scene Wiki is a collective database archiving bathing scenes from anime, manga and other related media and showing the various elements involving them. We WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS on the material covered.
Please also note that this is NOT A PORNOGRAPHIC SITE and even though there may be suggestive content, it is not the main focus or intent. Due to Wikia's image policies, any images of explicit nudity or strongly suggestive acts WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on here. There is an uncensored version of the wiki which can be found here where the explicit material is allowed.

Featured Bather

Karen Araragi
Monogatari Second Season 3 15

Karen Araragi is a character from Monogatari. Living in the Araragi House, she takes all of her Baths in the house's Slipper Bathtub and has started taking all of her baths with her sister Tsukihi Araragi right before the time of Nekomonogatari: Shiro arc. Like her sister, she sweats a lot but since she is an athlete she sweats a significantly more and seems to take Showers after her jogs or gets her brother Koyomi Araragi to have a bath drawn for her when she comes back. She likes to dance around the house half naked after she finishes taking her baths. To find out even more bathing scenes and information from Karen Araragi click here.

Featured Bathing Scene

Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 24
Neon Genesis Evangelion 24 5

Asuka Langley Soryu attempts to commit Suicide in a rusty old Clawfoot Bathtub that is in a destroyed house. As she lays in the Blood Bath, her clothes are seen neatly folded and a NERV agent walks in finding her and interrupts her suicide by bringing her back to the headquarters. Due to her mental state at the time, she apparently didn't care about being seen naked by the agent as she showed no reaction. Later on, after Shinji Ikari meets Kaworu Nagisa, they bathe together in a Public Bath at NERV. For more details on these bathing scenes click here

Featured Content

Arm Washing
Hunter x Hunter 2011 110 4

Arm Washing is the obvious action of a character washing their arm while bathing. It is a simple action consisting of a character rubbing there hand down their arm. Sometimes if Soap is involved they will rub it back and forth. It is one of the most simple signs used in bathing scenes that shows the character is thoroughly washing them self. This picture is from Hunter x Hunter.


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