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Maken-Ki! (manga)

Chapter 73

Maken-Ki! (anime)

Episode 1

5 October 2011


Episode 3

19 October 2011

Episode 6

9 November 2011

Episode 8

24 November 2011

Episode 11

14 December 2011


Maken-Ki! Specials

Each of the 6 Blu-rays had a 10 minute long short anime "Doki Doki! Maken-ki! Himitsu no Kunren"

Episode 1

21 December 2011

Episode 5

released between Dec 2011 and May 2012.

Episode 6

25 May 2012
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A two-part series, the first OVA was released after season 1 finished airing on TV but before all of its DVD/Bluray specials had finished, the second after that was all done and closer to the start of season 2 so it included "two" in the title and could be considered an "episode 0" of season 2.

  • Maken-ki!: Natsu Da! Mizugi Da! Gasshuku Da! released March 1 2012


"Maken-ki! Two: Takeru Nyotaika!? Minami no Shima de Supoon" was released 20 September 2013

Maken-Ki! Two

Episode 2

22 January 2014

Episode 4

5 February 2014

Episode 5

12 February 2014

Episode 6

19 February 2014

Episode 7

26 February 2014

Maken-Ki! Two specials

began releasing March 2014 with the Blurays
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