Playing at the River

In this story 4 friends go Skinny Dipping in a river. Futoshi initiates this by removing his clothing. Yuuji only wanted to remove his shirt, but Futoshi "the boss" forced him to take off the rest. Nazuna opts to wade in the shallow end while keeping her dress on while Sayaka goes to change into a swimsuit. Nazuna slips in some mud, falling in and gets her dress wet, so she takes off her dress and lays it on a rock to dry. Sayaka can't find her swimsuit, and recalls she gave it to her mother for some mending and did not get it back. Futoshi comes and sees what Sayaka is up to, and drags her over to the water and strips off her dress the way he did with Yuuji's pants. Other events that occur include a comparison to a Bathtub, some Splashing, some scooping, and group bathing.

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