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Megami Magazine is a monthly Japanese magazine focusing on anime and games and includes many fanservice pin-up artwork of female characters from current running anime.

Bathing Scenes

Volume 55

Released December 2004

Volume 61

Released June 2005

Volume 74

Released July 2006

Volume 78

Released November 2006

Volume 80

Released January 2007

Volume 87

Released August 2007

Volume 88

Released September 2007

Volume 89

Released October 2007

Volume 91

Released December 2007

Volume 93

Released February 2008

Volume 96

Released May 2008

Volume 97

Released June 2008

Volume 104

cover date January 2009, released 29 November 2008

Volume 109

cover date June 2009, released 29 April 2009

Volume 122

cover date July 2010, also appears in #Megami Magazine Deluxe issue 15, and a variant with text moved from upper right to lower left appears in #Volume 130

Volume 127

Released December 2010

Volume 128

Released January 2011

Volume 129

Released February 2011

Volume 130

Released March 2011

a furo picture from Nanoha ?

Volume 131

Released April 2011

There is a Furo picture of Toaru Majutsu no Index II by Kenji Shinohara featuring Index and Komoe Tsukuyomi.

Volume 132

Released May 2011

Volume 133

Released June 2011

Volume 135

Released August 2011

Volume 136

Released September 2011

Volume 139

Volume 143

Released April 2012

Volume 145

Released June 2012

Volume 146

Releaed July 2012

There is a pinup of a Furo scene by Natsuki Egami from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon of Kimi Aoi and Suzu Mukai.

Volume 147

Released August 2012

Volume 148

Released September 2012

Volume 149

Released October 2012

There is an Onsen picture by Hiroaki Ikeda for Yuruyuri♪♪ featuring Ayano Sugiura and Chitose Ikeda and Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Oomuro

Volume 150

Released November 2012

There is a bathing picture from Star Plus One by Yoshiyuki Ichikawa featuring Erisu Mashiro and Kotone Umikamome and Noemi Kashiwagi

Volume 151

Released December 2012

Volume 152

Released January 2013

Volume 153

Released February 2013

Volume 155

Released April 2013

Volume 156

Released May 2013

Volume 157

Released June 2013

Volume 158

Released July 2013

Volume 159

Released August 2013

Volume 160

Released September 2013

There is an Onsen picture from Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Volume 161

Released October 2013

Volume 162

Released November 2013

Volume 163

Released December 2013

Volume 164

Released January 2014

Volume 165

Volume 166

Volume 167

Volume 168

Released May 2014

Volume 169

Released June 2014

Volume 171

Released August 2014

Volume 188

Released January 2016

Volume 191

Released April 2016

Megami Magazine Deluxe

Volume 15

reuses art from #Volume 122 similar to #Volume 130

Volume 17

Released November 2011

Volume 18

Volume 21

Released September 27th, 2013


This section is for things known to be from an issue of Megami Magazine for which the specific volume and date are not yet known. As they are discovered they will be incorporated into the above lists.

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