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Miho Kuon
Gender Female
Series Adventures of Kotetsu
Taken 2 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed In Hot Spring
Bathed with Linn Suzuki
Tatsuya Mikado
Accessories Used Sword

Miho Kuon is a character from Adventures of Kotetsu.

Adventures of Kotetsu (anime)

Episode 1

An impostor version of her bathes with Linn Suzuki an attempts to drown her and then after failing when the bathtub breaks, continues the fight outside while having a Rain Shower.

Episode 2

The real version of her bathes in a Hot Spring with Kotetsu. After being annoyed from Kotetsu's messing around in the bath, she Bath Kicks her into the fence separating the males bath where Tatsuya Mikado was bathing at the time.

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