Mimi Kirigoe
Mima Kirigoe
Series Perfect Blue
Taken 1 Bath
Situations Angst Bathing
Accessories Used Shower Curtain

Mima Kirigoe is the main protagonist to the anime film Perfect Blue.

Perfect Blue

She takes a Bath and has her whole body is submerged in the water and she yells "Bastard" underneath it.


  • It is revealed early in the movie from a stalker's blog that is impersonating Mima that she always enters the bath with her right foot first. "This morning when I got off the train left foot first was when all the bad stuff started. I always make it a point that my right foot goes first into the train and into the bath".
  • Even though Mima lives in a typical Japanese apartment, it is implied that she takes her baths like how westerners do which is washing inside the bath rather than outside of the bathtub as a Furo session like how most Japanese do. The hints that imply this are that she has a Soap bar in a holder which is in the bathtub area as well as a Scrub Brush hanging over by it. Also the fact that she is seen drawing a bath helps prove it as most Japanese households maintain the same bathwater since everybody washes outside of the tub. Her bathroom seems to be too crowded with laundry anyways for her to even have a furo and there is a Shower Curtain in front of her bathtub proving that Showers take place in the bathtub when it is empty.
  • Mima's exact bath scene sequence was redone in the live-action film Requiem for a Dream.

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