Mimi Tachikawa
太刀川 ミミ
Gender Female
Series Digimon
Bathed In Bathing Pool
Bathed with Sora Takenouchi
Situations Night Bathing
Hair Down Bath
Bath Bonding
Bathing with Animals
Peeping (victim)
Leg Stretching
Tied Hair
Accidental Peeping (victim)
Breast Covering
Accessory Throwing (thrower)
Off Screen Bathing
High Towel Wearing
Accessories Used Bathrobe
Colored Bathwater
Shower Head (off screen)
Bath Bucket

Mimi Tachikawa is a character from Digimon.

Bathing Habits

She seems to have a fondness for bathing. She does not like being seen in the Bath by any male if it they aren't human and is completely fine bathing with other females.

Bathing Scenes

Digimon Adventure

Episode 8

Episode 15

She takes a Bath in a Bathing Pool and gets Peeped on and throws a Bath Bucket.

Episode 17

She takes an Off Screen Shower with Sora Takenouchi.

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