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Minnie Mouse is a Disney character that appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series. She has bathed her cat Figaro.


Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Mickey Mouse Works

Daisy's Big Sale

In this short, Minnie is seen barefooted after she comes out of the shower when Daisy Duck called her for her help, then she is seen barefooted in a flashback in the hospital with Daisy.

Daisy Bothers Minnie

Minnie's tub is seen here when Daisy borrows it.


Air Pirates Funnies

A 1971 publication by the Air Pirates which featured Disney characters (though not referred to directly by name). Minnie was called "Miss Mouse", and shown preparing a bath in "As You Like It" by Keyhole Komix, on page 23 and 24 of the Funnies:



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