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Mixed Bathing or Coed Bathing is when people of both genders bathe together. A Mixed Bath in Japanese is called 混浴 pronounced Konyoku.

Informal Mixed Bathing indicates when a male and female bathe together in a place where it is not arranged.


Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
January 18th, 1983 "Maicching Machiko-sensei ep. 68"
Maicching Machiko-sensei68-2
Mai Machiko bathes with a male student, but they end up Slipping
January 16th, 1993 "Sailor Moon ep. 40"
Sailor moon 40 2
Sailor moon 40 17
The Tsukino Family visis a Group Hot Spring in the woods. Shingo laments that he's feeling uncomfortable about bathing with females around. His father tries to calm him, stating that first, they are one family and so he shouldn't make a fuss about such things, and second, that -allegedly- nobody else is around here.

Usagi taunts her brother for being a whimp, resulting in her towel getting stolen by him. She is forced to run after him in her birthday suit to retrieve it.

August 12th, 1996 "Detective Conan ep. 28"
Ran Mouri shares a bath with Conan Edogawa in a hot spring.
October 25th, 1997 "Gundam 08th MS Team ep. 7"
Gundam 08th MS Team 7 11
Shiro Amada and Aina Sahalin bathe together in a Hot Spring. During the bath, Aina doesn't seem to be shy of showing her nude body to Shiro. Although in the beginning of the scene, Shiro who was already in the Hot Spring had to have his eyes closed while she was Stripping and getting in but allowed him to open them once she was settled in. At the end of the scene Aina stands up in front of him casually having her whole body exposed in front of him during their conversation.
July 30th, 2003 "Ikkitousen ep. 1"
Ikkitousen 1 9
While Koukin Shuuyu is taking a bath by himself, Hakufu Sonsaku comes in drunk and begins to strip her clothes off and then climbs into the bathtub with him. Hakufu is normally not bugged by being seen naked even in front of the opposite gender and Koukin seems embarrassed of seeing her nude because Hakufu is his cousin and he doesn't want to look at her so he decides to face the opposite direction during their bath together.
January 27, 2012 "Nisemonogatari ep. 4"
Nisemonogatari 4 96
Koyomi Araragi is in the bathtub when Shinobu Oshino appears out of his shadow and bathes with him.
March 23, 2012 "Lovely Day"
Nao and Hazuki bathe together.
December 15th, 2013 "One Piece ep. 625"
One Piece 625 1
Nico Robin takes a bath with Momonosuke.

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