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Moetan cover

Moetan was originally a series of english language study books which used fictional characters to help people learn published in 2003. An anime adaptation of this series with 13 episodes was made in 2007.

Moetan (anime)

Episode 1

There is a Bath scene at the end.

Episode 3

22 July 2007

Episode 4

29 July 2007

Alice Shiratori goes Skinny Dipping in her green-haired adult form.

Episode 8

There are multiple Shower scenes, a Public Bath scene and a Skinny Dipping scene at the end.

Episode 11

16 September 2007

There is a series of several Dream Sequence Bathing scenes:

Episode 13

25 March 2008

Ink Nijihara aka Pastel Ink bathes in Green Water

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