Morgan Pendragon better known as Morgan le Fay (sometimes Morgana) is known as the sister of Arthur Pendragon.

She is referred to in the Fate/Stay Night series as Arturia's sister and is the mother of Mordred, who is "Saber Red".

She is also a character in Ah! My Goddess the movie & Oh! My Goddess.

Majolica le Fay in Okami-san is based on her.

She is also a character in DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Live TV series

Merlin (2008)

Series 2

Episode 4

In "Lancelot and Guinevere" Morgan tells the guards she's kidnapped that she wants to bathe in the river.

MORGANA I wish to bathe.
KENDRICK You wish to bathe?
MORGANA I am the King's ward and accustomed to certain standards. I am sure you are quite contented to stink like a pig, but I am not.
KENDRICK The Lady Morgana wishes to bathe! Who wants to help me guard her?
[coarse laughter]


[Morgana beginning to undress by a stream, two men guarding her and Gwen]

KENDRICK You may find the water a little icy.

MORGANA I'm sure I'll manage. If you were any kind of gentleman, you'd give me some privacy.
KENDRICK Well, unfortunately for you I am no kind of gentleman. Now get on with it.
[Morgana removes her outer garment and the second bandit lets go of Gwen]
MORGANA You can at least turn your backs.
KENDRICK So you can make a run for it. Do you think I'm that stupid?
MORGANA I think you're very stupid.

Camelot (2011)

Episode 7

Morgan is seen at the start taking a tub bath (attended to by her nun Sybil), while Harwel, one of the soldiers at Castle Pendragon, is Peeping on her.

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Episode 8

Morgan is seen taking a tub bath in Camelot while morphed into the form of Ygraine (Arthur's mother), while Ygraine is imprisoned back in Castle Pendragon receiving a clothed sponge bath from Sybil.

Episode 9

Morgan has returned to Castle Pendragon and is seen taking another tub bath, back in her old body.

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