Mugen Souls is a video game for the PS3 by Compile Heart released in Japan on March 22nd, 2012. Previews include bathing scenes of its characters. It includes anime-style art.

Promotional art with baths

These works appear on telephone cards and posters. They are very rare to find as they are no longer availible for retail.

End of chapter CGs

At the end of every chapter in the story, Chou-Chou and her friends want to take a nice relaxing dip in the hot spring. The events show the female side performing crazy antics and have some humorous chatting

Bath minigame

The bath minigame is not really a game but a still frame CG where the player clicks on a still frame CG on the female characters to hear them moan and groan. Images were done by Katsuyuki Hirano who was also responsible for the character designs for Moero Chronicle. For videos of how the bath game plays, see the Youtube section for external links

Chou-Chou's forms

Rest of the characters

Post game scrubbing

Even though the team believed that they saved the entire galaxy from the ultimate evil, dopplegangers of the female cast reek havoc around the universe. It is up to Chou-Chou and the team to go meet these clones and wash the evil out of them.

Gallery coming soon.

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LenneValkyrie playlist (also includes Hot Springs)

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