Mylene Hoffman
Mylene Hoffman
Mirēnu Hofuman
Gender Female
Series 009-1
Taken 6 Baths
4 Showers (1 off screen)
Bathed In Ocean
Unspecified Freestanding Bathtub
Flat Bathtub
Hinoki Bathtub (off screen)
Situations Skinny Dipping
Shower Bath
Leg Curling
Turning Off Shower
Getting Out
Convenient Censoring
Off Screen Bathing
Accessories Used Shower Head
Bubble Bath
Bath Tray
Shower Curtain
Communication Device

Mylene Hoffman is the main protagonist of 009-1.

Bathing Accessibility

Her apartment has a Flat Bathtub and Shower Head Combo.

Bathing Habits

Mylene seems to favor using Bubble Bath. Since Mylene is a cyborg, she has a Communication Device built into her which means that her boss Number Zero can contact her anytime for a mission even when she is bathing. She seems open to bathing in front of bathing with males since she is a secret agent that has to use her sex appeal.

Bathing Scenes

009-1 (manga)

Chapter 6

Released January 1968

She goes Skinny Dipping.

Chapter 8

Released March 14th, 1968

She takes a Shower.

Chapter 10

She goes Skinny Dipping with a male.

Chapter 21

She takes a Shower.

Chapter 23

Chapter 28

Mylene Hoffman takes a Bubble Bath.

Chapter 29

She takes a Bubble Bath.

Chapter 38

She takes an Off Screen Bath in a Hinoki Bathtub.

009-1 (anime)

Episode 2

Main article: 009-1/Episode 2

She is shown in her apartment on christmas eve taking a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub while having her Shower run on her. She ends up getting a call from her boss Number Zero asking her for her to report for duty. She then turns the shower off and get out of the tub covered with soap suds and leaves the bathroom wearing a blue Bathrobe.

Episode 3

She takes an Off Screen Shower at a hotel.


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