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Nancy Thompson (known in the 2010 remake as Nancy Holbrook) is a character from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise that appeared in Girls Bravo.

Nightmare on Elm Street

1984 film

Thompson, portrayed by Heather Langenkamp:

2010 film

Holbrook, portrayed by Rooney Mara:

Girls Bravo (anime)

Episode 18

An animated parody of Nancy Thompson's famous bath scene from the original Nightmare on Elm Street film is shown on the TV that the characters are watching.


  • This episode is titled "Bravo at Mahjong!" (麻雀でブラボー! Mājan de Burabō!) and first aired on March 10th, 2005. It is also known as the 7th episode of season 2.
  • The scene is altered in this parody. Freddy Kruegar rose up all the way out of the bathwater and confronted Nancy when in the actual film just pulled her into the water attempting to drown her.


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