Naoshi Onizuka series refers to a series of manga tankoubon published by Naoshi Onizuka via the publishing company Akaneshinsha's LO subsidiary from 2007 to 2014.

While the four books in it are mostly collections of short stories with no connection to each other much less to those in other books, an exception exists with 1 short story which has 3 parts, 1 present in the last 3 of 4. This sort of makes the book series itself continuous, as they explore common themes and elements:

  1. ライフイズピーチー? (Ra I Fu I Zu Pi ー Chi ー ?) was published in 2005 and has 10 chapters
  2. ワンホットミニット (Wa N Ho ~Tsu To Mi Ni ~Tsu To) was published in 2007 and has 11 chapters, the first being "You Can't Live on Love Alone".
  3. Lovable was published in 2008 and has 9 chapters, the first being "This Is Why I Keep Saying You Can't Live On Love Alone..."
  4. ポルノグラフィティ (Po Ru No Gu Ra Fu i Te i) was published February 10, 2011 and has 11 chapters, the tenth being "People Can’t Survive on Nothing but Love...". This volume has
  5. Morning View was published in 2014 before May.

The three-part story is about a girl named Chika and her brother, and though it unifies the Authors' series continuity, it doesn't contain bath scenes itself.

In 2007 prior to volume 2 he also published a doujin of Hayate no Gotoku.

Volume 1

"Life is Peachy" published 2005

Chapter 1

"Talk About" has a girl named Misuzu take an off-screen bath after telling her brother that apples are ready to eat and before coming to talk to him again. She mentions that they used to take baths together until last year.

Chapter 6

"Saturday Night Leisure" has a girl named Yui come out wrapped in a towel in front of a neighbor boy named Maki, when he goes to take a bath, trying to emulate a bathing scene she saw in a movie prior to his arrival.

Volume 4

"Porno Graffiti" published 2011

Chapter 1

In the short story "Isn't it alright to fall in love?" the two star characters both take an offscreen bath before returning and continuing their conversation, now dressed in pajamas. When Yuu (the guy) mentions smelling shampoo in the hair of Kyouko (the girl), she says she can also smell it from his. Then after some cuddling, the pair take a bath together.

Chapter 4

In the short story Scar Tissue Pages 3 and 5 of the story take place on pages 69 and 71 of the volume overall.

Volume 5

"morning view" published 2014

Chapter 1

"Hide and Seek" is pages 1-24

Chapter 4

"It just a XXX" is pages 65-88

There is a 1-panel shot of a bath on the top of the final page, indicating the female having bathed before changing into pajamas.

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