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Naruto Uzumaki
Uzumaki Naruto
うずまき ナルト
Uzumaki Naruto
Gender Male
Series Naruto
Taken At least 6 Baths
Bathed In Hot Spring
Bathed with Jiraiya
Sasuke Uchiha
Kakashi Hatake
Rock Lee
Neji Hyuga
Kiba Inuzuka
Sakura Haruno
Ino Yamanaka

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the series Naruto.

Naruto (manga)

Chapter 541

Naruto (anime)

Episode 56

Episode 97

Episode 101

Naruto: Shippuden

Episode 16

Episode 36

Episode 91

Episode 250

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3

There are several optional cut scenes in which Naruto ends up going to the local Hot Springs on mixed bathing day and bathes with either Tsunade and Shizune. There is also a cutscene where Naruto accidently ends up bathing in the girls bath when Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno come in.

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