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Natalia Romanova (also known as Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow) is a character from the Marvel Comics universe.


Amazing Adventures

Issue 5

Captain America & Bucky

Issue 624

In a flashback scene, after a session of training martial arts together, Natalia sneaks up on Bucky Barnes in the shower. He notices her and pulls her in, which leads to them spending the night together.


Issue 64

Natasha is dressed in a towel, coming out of the shower, and beats up a bunch of men after pretending to be french.

Issue 189


Secret Avengers

Issue 1


The Invincible Iron Man

In this 2007 film, a red-haired woman is seen bathing in a hot tub. Though not referred to by name, based on the known romantic history between Tony Stark and Widow this could be implied to be her. It certainly isn't Pepper Potts.


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