English Title:Noir
Kanji Title:ノワール
Romanji Title:Nowāru
Genre:Action, Mystery
Original Creator:Ryoe Tsukimura
Kōichi Mashimo
Anime series
Directed by:Koichi Mashimo
Written by:Ryoe Tsukimura
Studio:Bee Train
Original Run:April 6th, 2001 – September 27th, 2001
# of Episodes:26

Noir is an anime series written by Ryoe Tsukimura and directed by Koichi Mashimo as well as the first installment of Bee Train studios "Girls with guns trilogy".

Episode 7

Episode 8

Main article: Noir episode 8

Mireille Bouquet has an Off Screen Bathing scene and is seen in a pink Bathrobe. Later on, Silvana Gleone takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Episode 14

Episode 24

Main article: Noir episode 24

There is a Furo scene between Chloe and Kirika Yumura.

Episode 25

Main article: Noir episode 25

Chloe and Kirika Yumura go Skinny Dipping together.


See Also

  • Madlax - Both directed by Koichi Mashimo and part of Bee Train's "Girls with guns trilogy"
  • El Cazador de la Bruja - Both directed by Koichi Mashimo and part of Bee Train's "Girls with guns trilogy"

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