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Ororo in the 2011 X-men anime series.

Ororo Munroe (also known as Ororo Iqadi T'Challa and Storm) is a character from the Marvel Comics universe.



Issue 101

October 1976

Issue 109

February 1978

Issue 120

April 1979

Issue 123

July 1979

Uncanny X-Men

Issue 160

August 1982

Chapter 244

May 1989

Having fallen in the tub with Betsy Braddock

Marvel Swimsuit Special

June 1992

Bathing with a parrot.

Classic X-Men

Issue 4

December 1986

X-Treme X-Men

Chapter 12

June 2002

Nightcrawler: The Devil Inside

Issue 1 or 2

November 2004

Kurt thinks it’s acceptable to have the “Just Friends” talk. Go to the girl’s apartment for the first time, take a shower, come out wearing just a towel and THEN start the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk. While making sure that she’s painfully aware of what she’s missing. Smooth.

Kurt then talks to Ororo over his communicator.

Storm volume 2

Issue 4

June 2006

She makes a Bathing Announcement when T'Challa asks where she is going. She is shown holding white soap and a red towel. Later she comes upon him bathing and is shown bathing adjacent to him.

Issue 5

After sex with him, she says she is filthy and needs to bathe, and suggests he bathes her scent off his loins.

Unknown series

Unknown issue

date needed

Storm is waiting for Kurt holding a towel after he finishes a shower.


X-Men: Evolution

Season 2

Episode 8

Storm begins running a bath and finds the mark of the Houngan and screams. The professor notices water falling from the ceiling and finds storm shaken on the floor.

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