Gender Female
Series Dragon Ball
Taken 1
Bathed In Shower

Pan (パン) is a character from Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball GT

Episode 3

While staying in a hotel room on planet Imecka, Pan attempts to take a Shower but then comes out of the bathroom in a Bathrobe and a Towel on her head telling Trunks that there is a money meter on the shower charging them every second. Pan doesn't end up having the shower as Trunks grabs her and Goku and escapes the hotel since there was money meters on everything charging their hotel bill.


  • There is a dialogue error because before she enters the bathroom, Pan says she is going to take a hot bath but she was running the shower.


  • Son Goku mentions that he used to take baths all the time with Pan when she was little. These baths likely took place in the Barrel at their house.

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