Paradise Kiss is a spinoff manga of Gokinjo Monogatari with a 13 episode anime adaptation.

Paradise Kiss (manga)

Chapter 5

Chapter 18

Paradise Kiss (anime)

Episode 2

Yukari Hayasaka has an Off Screen Bathing scene. She is seen toweling her hair dry before bed when her little brother informs her that he told George she was at the library when he called.

Miwako Sakurada is seen answering in phone while taking a Bubble Bath in a Platform Bathtub with her niece, Alice Yamaguchi.

Episode 5

Yukari Hayasaka takes a Bubble Bath and then dunks her head under the water. As the scene fades to black, it can be seen she is Blowing Bubbles under the water, with the suds piling up in front of her mouth.

Episode 7

Yukari takes a shower in George's apartment.

Episode 8

When Yukari comes home, her little brother Yuguru Hayasaka asks their mother if he can have a bath, and his mother replies that his bath is ready, and he replies that he will take his bath first. He presumably then does some Off Screen Bathing.

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