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Peeping is when another person walks in on someone bathing or ends up seeing someone bathe. It is done by males and usually puts women in a shocked state because a man is seeing them naked.


Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
February 6th, 1984 "Cat's Eye episode 29"
Cats Eye29 2
Mitsuko Asaya disturbs on Hitomi Kisugi, who is having a bath, for making an abortive body search on her.
December 10th, 1984 "Dragon Ball chapter 2"
Dragon Ball ch 2 12
Son Goku peeps on Bulma Brief while she is having a Bubble Bath in the Unit Bathtub in her Capsule House. He makes a comment by saying that instead of having tails girls have an extra butt on their chest referring to her cleavage.
September 21st, 1985 "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam episode 29"
Zeta Gundam 29 3
Kamille Bidan accidentally walks in on Fa Yuiry topless and only wearing yellow panties as she is out in the hall trying to have the Shinta and Qum get dressed after having an Off Screen Shower with them. She screams and covers her breasts which then she goes back into the bathroom and puts a Bathrobe on.
March 5th, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 2"
Dragon Ball 2 30
While relaxing in a Bubble Bath, Bulma Brief suddenly notices that Son Goku was sitting there watching the whole time. She then freaks out and dunks herself underwater and raises her head back up hiding the rest of her body in the bubbles. Goku says that instead of a tail, girls have an extra butt on their chest referring to her breasts, which then makes Bulma embarrassed and tries to explain them but then throws a bunch of bathing accessories at Goku making him run out of the bathroom.
March 15th, 1989 "Dragon Ball episode 149"
Dragon Ball 149 6
When her fianceé Goku was off to search for the bansho fan, Baba persuaded her to bathe in the Hot Spring, unknown to Chi-Chi she was being peeped at. After enough convincing, she untied her obi, unbuttoned her cheongsham, and was about to take it off, revealing her naked shoulder. However, before she was about to strip naked she realized she was being peeped on and beaten up the perverts. .
February 11th, 1994 "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam episode 45"
Victory Gundam 45 2
In a Dream Sequence that Uso Ewin has, he comes across Odelo and Warren and joins them in peeping on Shakti Kareen Skinny Dipping after she just bathed Karlmann Dukartuse.
August 24th, 1994 "Mobile Fighter G Gundam episode 19"
G Gundam 19 7
While Nastasha Zabigov is Skinny Dipping in a lake, she pulls a Gun out on Sai Saici for trespassing into their camp and peeping on her.
October 21st, 1994 "Aozora Shoujotai episode 1"
Aozora Shoujotai 1 5
Takuya Isurugi peeps on Arisa Mitaka]] who was scrubbing herself during a Furo session after running away from accidentally walking in on Miyuki Haneda changing. As a result, they both cover up and run after him.
March 23rd, 1996 "Aozora Shoujotai episode 4"
801 tts airbats 4 21
Arisa Mitaka, Miyuki Haneda and Yoko Shimorenjaku get peeped at while they are bathing in a Hot Spring. Mitaka was the first to notice as she Stands Up to point out the peeper.
January 25th, 1996 "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team episode 2"
Gundam 08th MS Team 2 19
Shiro Amada ends up seeing Kiki Rosita Skinny Dipping at a lake he finds. After bathing for a while she suddenly notices that Shiro has been there in front of the lake the whole time watching and then quietly swims to the back over to a rock where she grabs a Gun and starts shooting at him which causes him to run away.
February 17th, 1999 "Dr. Slump Remake episode 51"
Dr. slump 1997 51 12
King Nikochan and his servant see Tsururin Tsun, Akane Kimidori, Arale Norimaki and Gatchan Towel Bathing in the Hot Spring they were cleaning. As a result, Tsururin screams frightened and Akane throws a wooden bucket at them.
April 25th, 1999 "Digimon Adventure episode 8"
Mimi Tachikawa & Sora Takenouchi get angry when Gomamon who is a male digimon, gets into the girls side of the Hot Spring bath.
June 13th, 1999 "Digimon Adventure episode 15"
Mimi Tachikawa gets peeped on by Tai and Izzy as they accidentally walk in on her having a bath in a Bathing Pool filled with Green Bathwater. As a result she throws random bath accessories at them.
October 30th, 2000 "Inuyasha episode 3"
Inuyasha 3 10
Kagome Higurashi gets peeped on by Inuyasha while she is Skinny Dipping in a lake. As a result, she submerges herself back in the water to hide her nudity and uses her power to tell him to sit boy where he falls off the cliff he was watching from so she can sneak into a bush clothe herself.
July 6th, 2002 "6 Angels episode 6"
6 Angels 6 7
JC who appears clothed in the Shower of Doris Nicholas, peeps on her. She first responds calmly by asking him if he is a ghost which he answers no to and then she gets mad and starts beating him up showing silhouettes outside the shower door of her attacking him.
July 27th, 2002 "Mushrambo episode 7"
Mushrambo 7 7
While Skinny Dipping, Yakumo Tatsuro is peeped by several monsters in the 7th episode of Mushrambo. Mushra comes out and gives her a Towel to cover up while he fights the monsters.
October 6th, 2002 "One Piece episode 128"
One Piece 128 12
The males in the Alabasta Royal baths decide to peek over the wall into the girls side to see Nami and Nefertari Vivi during their Furo. Nami stuns them all dropping her towel on purpose to show them what they wanted.
December 8th, 2002 "Groove Adventure Rave episode 9"
Rave Master 9 8
At the end of the episode when Elie was Skinny Dipping in a Hot Spring with Plue, Griffon Kato can be shown in the distance spying on her with Binoculars.
December 21st, 2002 "InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass"
BS1020 0003
While Kagome Higurashi, Shippo and Sango are bathing in a Hot Spring, Akitoki stumbles upon them but they don't notice. Miroku comes by and tells him to not watch them but Sanga Kagome notices Miroku and Sango throws a log at him causing him to fall down next to the spring. Sango then throws a boulder onto him, Inuyasha runs out to see what is going on and Kagome uses her power to make him sit which makes him fall into the Hot Spring they are bathing in. Akitoki who is the only one who saw them and got away with it leaves the scene as Kagome and Sango are yelling at Inuyasha and Miroku.
March 19th, 2003 "Mahou Sensei Negima! chapter 4"
Negima ch 4 2
Asuna Kagurazaka is peeped at in the Shower when Negi Springfield runs in and asks if Asuna wants him to help wash her back. Asuna literally kicks him out of the bathroom, so Negi decides to use his magic to make various bathing accessories float around and scrub her although she didn't like that either and runs out of the bathroom holding a Towel and chases after him.
April 23rd, 2003 "Mahou Sensei Negima! chapter 9"
Negima ch 9 12
Asuna Kagurazaka gets peeped on by Negi Springfield during her Skinny Dipping session while being trapped under Library Island. Asuna the only girl among the group that was skinny dipping that has a problem with being seen bathing by Negi. Though Negi's intentions were not perverted as he wanted to make sure her wounds were ok.
September 14th, 2003 "Groove Adventure Rave episode 49"
Rave Master 49
In one of Griffon Kato's flashbacks, he was seen peeping at Elie through a window while she was taking a Bubble Bath with Plue.
October 20th, 2004 "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 3"
Yu-Gi-Oh GX 3 3
Asuka Tenjouin,Mindy Hamaguchi and Jasmine Makita are bathing into the Obelisk Blue Girls Dorm's Public Bath naked.All the females are allowed to bath together in it since they are all girls and there's nothing to be ashamed since they all have the same organs. However Shou Marufuji accidentally peeps in after receiving a fake love letter from Asuka.
August 2nd, 2009 "One Piece episode 411"
Hancock Bad Ruffy
Monkey D. Luffy ends up seeing Boa Hancock while she was having her bath in a Bathing Pool that he fell into clothed from the roof breaking. Boa Hancock was bothered by this because he saw the marking on her back proves she was once a slave and sentences Luffy to a death trial.
January 23rd, 2010 "Seikon no Qwaser episode 3"
Seikon no Qwaser 3 34
Martyr Sasha see's Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe as they get out of the Clawfoot Bathtub that they were having a Bubble Bath in. Mafuyu ends up being mad while Tomo seems slightly frightened after being seen naked.
March 8th, 2010 "Fairy Tail episode 29"
Fairy Tail 29 1
Lucy Heartfilia is peeped at by Gray Fullbuster while she was Towel Bathing in a hypothetical scenario in a Dream Sequence by him explaining why it is not a good idea to search her bathroom while they were looking for her.
August 6th, 2015 Okusama ga Seitokaichou! episode 6
Okusama ga Seitokaichou6 2
A girl enters the bathroom while a guy in in the middle of Furo and he is bothered.

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