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Peter Benjamin Parker
Gender Male
Series Spider-Man

Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) had a shower scene after he made the deal.


Amazing Spider-Man (comic)Edit

Issue 135Edit

August 1974

Issue 239Edit

April 1983

Issue 265Edit

June 1985


Spider-Man decides to wear his black costume for the second half of the story (his red and blues are too sweaty for him to get back into after his shower) according to

Issue 529Edit

April 2006

The Spectacular Spider-Man (comic)Edit

Volume 1Edit

Chapter 85Edit

December 1983

Volume 2Edit

Chapter 20Edit

December 2004 Page 15?

Spider-Man: 24/7Edit

Part ?Edit


A crossover series between the normal Spider-Man and the Ultimate Spider-Man

Issue 5Edit

Peter has a post-shower scene where he is scantily wrapped in a couple towels.



Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon)Edit

Episode 8Edit

16m5s into "Back in Black" when Spider-Man is hit by Venom's slobbery tongue during their fight, he imagines himself taking a shower (in costume) wearing a shower cap and using soap to wash off the drool/saliva.

Episode 12Edit

In "Me Time", Spider-Man gets angry at Nick Fury when he finds out that SHIELD had installed cameras all over his house. Nick Fury agrees to reduce the number of cameras to 1 and to destroy all the embarassing footage after 24 hours.

Around the 23:55 minute mark at end of the episode however, Nick Fury is seen showing clips of all the embarassing video to Spider-Man's team-mates. One of these images includes Spider-Man in the bathroom taking a bath or shower.

Episode 17Edit

When school is out due to the weather, Spider-Man and his group skip out on the 'Snow Day' training session to go to a deserted island. After defeating Sandman, Nick Fury forces the group to be "scrubbed" (even though his assistant notes it isn't necessary, it's to teach them a lesson) and they are all forced to take a shower together to remove all sand particles from them.

This Shower is Clothed Bathing although it's unclear what they're wearing, it looked a bit different from the swimsuits they had on at the time.

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