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Kanji Title:プラスチックリトル
Romanji Title:Purasuchikku Ritoru
Genre:Adventure, Science Fiction
Original Creator:Satoshi Urushihara
anime film
Film Type:single episode OVA
Directed by:Satoshi Urushihara
Kinji Yoshimoto
Written by:Mayori Sekijima
Release Date:March 21st, 1994
Plastic Little: Captain's Log
Published by:Gakken
Oriringal Run:May 1994 - ?
Chapters:5 (+ 2 extra chapters)

Plastic Little is an anime film created by Satoshi Urushihara with a short manga spin-off known as Plastic Little: Captain's Log.

Plastic Little

Plastic Little Captain's Log

Chapter 1

Titaniva Mu Koshigaya has a Shower in her private quarters.

Chapter 2

Titaniva Mu Koshigaya has a bath in the ship's Public Bath and is joined by Mei Lin Jones.

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