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Please Teacher
English Title:Please Teacher!
Kanji Title:おねがい☆ティーチャー
Romanji Title:Onegai Tīchā
Genre:Romance, Ecchi, Drama
Original Creator:Yōsuke Kuroda
Yasunori Ide
Anime series
Directed by:Yasunori Ide
Written by:Yōsuke Kuroda
Original Run:January 10th, 2002 – March 28th, 2002
# of Episodes:12
Please Teacher! OVA
Film Type:Single episode OVA
Directed by:Yasunori Ide
Release Date:October 25th, 2002
Please Twins! anime
Directed by:Yasunori Ide
Original Run:July 15th, 2003 – October 14th, 2003
# of Episodes:12
Please Twins! OVA
Film Type:Single episode OVA
Directed by:Yasunori Ide
Release Date:April 23rd, 2004

Onegai Teacher! (meaning "Please Teacher!) is an anime franchise created by the studio Daume. It also spawned a spinoff known as Onegai Twins! (meaning "Please Twins!".

"Onegai" is the "please" in the sense of a request, not the present tense verb of providing pleasure.


Please Teacher! (anime)

Teacher Opening

After being shown running down the docks and wearing an apron in the kitchen, the teacher Mizuho Kazami is shown, via scrolling camera, taking a Bubble Bath.

Teacher Episode 1

There is a Clothed Bathing scene. at 19:25, Kei's uncle Minoru (Kei lives with him and his wife) is overheard suggesting to his aunt that they take a bath together. Suddenly, Mizuho and Kei Kusanagi (who are hugging, barely escaping an explosion from the space ship) teleport overtop of the prepared bath and fall in.

Minoru rushes in (with a blowdrier in hand to defend against intruders) and then Kei's aunt also walks up, asking what's going on. Kei awkwardly looks down at the teacher's breasts and blushes, then she exclaims in embarassment and tries to pull herself up out of the bath, but only succeeds in pulling Kei down on top of her.

Teacher Episode 13 (OVA)

At 14:45, Mizuho's mother Hatsuho Kazami takes a shower while humming to herself and wearing a towel around her hair. She then is seen existing the shower wearing a towel around her body, which she then takes off in front of Kei. Rather than being naked as the shot implies, she is wearing a black uniform and holding an electric-powered squirtgun. She obviously wants to have some kind of squirt-gun fight with Kei. But he is tied up, so he won't be able to dodge it.

There is a Bath scene?

Please Twins! (anime)


Twins Episode 0

This 2-minute short introduces the basic plot to be expected in the upcoming series.

It introduces the photograph shared by Karen, Miina and Maiku. It shows a young boy and girl nude bathing (Skinny Dipping) together as toddlers. This leads them to think that the ones in the photo are twin brother and sister, but they do not know which of the two girls with the photograph is the one in the photograph, they do not know who Maiku's sister is.

Trying to track down the source of the photograph and find out the identity of Maiku's sister (and if the other might be a childhood friend) is an ongoing theme of the show as the three students live together in the same house and fall in love.

When Miina gets out of the bath, her and Maiku have an awkward hallway meeting.

Later, after Maiku takes a bath or shower, he answers the door, meeting Karen for the first time, who faints upon seeing Maiku topless.

Twins Episode 1

All of the scenes from episode 0 (the preview short) also appear in this episode. So this section will be for the images which do not appear in the preview and are unique to episode 1. Times:

  • 16m40s Miina takes her bath.
  • 18m50s Maiku takes his bath.
  • 21m20s Karen faints

Twins Episode 2

Bath at 6m30s

Twins Episode 3

Bath at 20m35s

Twins Episode 4

Bath at 3m45s

Twins Episode 5

Bath at 11:20

Twins Episode 6

Bath at 15m12s

Twins Episode 7

Bath at 11m30s

Twins Episode 8

Bath at 5m55s

Twins Episode 9

Bath at 19m30s

Twins Episode 10

Miina and Karen are together in a tub at 2:50 at the beginning.

Twins Episode 11

The two potential sisters of Maiku bathe together and share a tub. Karen is initially bathing by herself, and when Miina comes to join her, says she is finished and tries to leave.

Twins Episode 12

At 7:20, Karen and Miina later bathe together in a bath at a resort.

At 10:15 there is a scene change to 4 girls bathing in a hot spring, which a couple guys overhear. Two characters from Teacher return for a fanservice shot with two new characters from Twins.

Twins-original character Haruko Shidou (the little sister of Teacher-original Matagu Shidou) is bathing with the Teacher-original Mizuho (red hair), Twins-original character vice president Tsubaki Oribe (black hair, glasses), and Teacher-original Ichigo Morino (brown hair, petite)

Twins Episode 13 (OVA)

At the start of the OVA, Karen sneaks into Maiku's bed. He wakes up with her staring at him under the covers. She inquires if they will be able to take baths together. She then asks for a good morning kiss, and when he refuses, attempts to blackmail him into doing it by threatening to sneak in to look at him while he bathes. Then Maiku looks up and noticed that Miina was standing in the doorway and heard it all.

At 5:10 there is a hot spring scene between Koishi and Miina:

At 6:30 the adoptive sisters are in the bath together.

Another bath scene is shown during the ending credits at 29:20

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