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"I would die if I don't bathe twice a day"
~666 Satan chapter 44
Ponzu 666 Satan
Gender Female
Series 666 Satan
Taken 1 Shower
1 Bath
Bathed In Bathing Pool
Situations High Towel Wearing
Tied Hair
Arm Washing
Standing In The Bath
High Towel Wearing
Accessories Used Shower Head
Towel Headband

Ponzu is a character from 666 Satan.

Bathing Habits

She loves Baths and takes two baths a day.

Bathing Scenes

666 Satan

Chapter 30

She takes a Shower.

Chapter 43

She takes a Bath in front of Cross in the command room and then stands up.

Chapter 44

After finishing her Bath from last chapter, she is still in front of Cross in the command room talking to him and puts a Towel on.

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