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Queen's Blade: Hide & SeekEdit

Chapter 1Edit


Elina Vance reflects to herself while bathing.

Queen's Blade: Wandering WarriorEdit

aka "The Exiled Virgin", first season

Episode 7Edit

14 May 2009

Nanael in Pink Water

Episode 8Edit

21 May 2009
This section lacks pictures of 1 or more scenes and needs images.

Queen's Blade: Successors to the ThroneEdit

season 2, "successor" translation of "Gyokuza o Tsugu Mono"
aka "The Evil Eye"

Episode 1Edit

24 September 2009

Nanael in Yellow Water

Episode 3Edit

8 October 2009

Episode 5Edit

22 October 2009

Elina Vance bathes and does a Bath Kick

Ending themeEdit

23 October 2009

The song "buddy-body" is sung by by Rie Kugimiya and Yuko Goto and Kanae Ito, the voices for Melona and Menace, and Airi, respectively. The artwork displayed during the end song varied between focusing on each of these three characters. Eventually the end theme music was released as a single. The cover depicted these three girls bathing together in Red Water.

Episode 8Edit

12 November 2009

Nanael (blue hair) bathes with Melpha (blond hair)

Episode 12Edit

10 December 2009

Nanael in Yellow Water

Queen's Blade Rebellion Bitoshi SenkiEdit

26 September 2009

Queen's Blade Utsukushiki Tōshi-tachiEdit

aka "Beautiful Fighters", third season

Episode 3Edit

22 October 2010

Episode 4Edit

25 November 2010

Episode 5Edit

Released February 13th, 2011

Nanael has a Bath scene.

Episode 6Edit

30 March 2011

Aldra (light hair) bathes with Tomoe (black hair)

Queen's Blade: RebellionEdit

Episode 6Edit

8 May 2012

A bath scene featuring Mirim

Episode 7Edit

15 May 2012

A bath scene featuring Liliana taking a bath and with Annelotte Kreutz's hand washing her leg:

Episode 8Edit

22 May 2012

pics here

Episode 11Edit

12 June 2012

Laila smiles as she bathes.

OVA 4 Hot Spring! Liliana's Refined AestheticsEdit

26 September 2012

Liliana (pink hair) bathes with Ymir (brunette) and Eilin (blond)

Queen's Blade: GrimoireEdit

Episode 1Edit

Official ArtworkEdit

Queen's GateEdit

released from April to July 2009
See Wikipedia:Queen's Gate (gamebook) for more info

"Niθ Art Works: Nishi’s Alluring Figures" features both Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls and Queen’s Gate (both series by Ni0)

Unknown Mixed BathingEdit

Before December 2012

Megami MagazineEdit


Unknown singleEdit


Unknown setEdit

Precedes August 2014

External linksEdit

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