Gambit (birth name Rémy Etienne LeBeau) is a Cajun mutant who is a member of the X-Men.


Gambit volume 3

Issue 1

Issue 15

April 2000

X-Men volume 2

Multiple showers with Mystique (first in the shape of Foxx then in the shape of Rogue) occur during the Bizarre Love Triangle series.

Issue 171

August 2005

In her first appearance as Foxx, she joins Gambit in the showers and tries to seduce him, but fails, causing him to have a cold shower in frustration.

Issue 172

August 2005

Using her alias of Foxx again, she morphs into the shape of Rogue while having more success seducing Gambit in the shower using this tactic.

Series needed

Issue needed

This is probably from volume 2 around the 170-173 period since Gambit refers to teaching.

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