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Rito Yuuki
Gender Male
Series To Love-Ru
Taken atleast 6 baths
Bathed In Unit Bathtub
Hot Spring
Bathed with Lala Satalin Deviluke
Kenichi Saruyama
Ryouko Mikado
Haruna Sairenji
Mikan Yuuki
Golden Darkness
Momo Bella Deviluke
Nana Aster Deviluke
Saki Tenjouin
Mio Sawada
Situations Arm Resting
Mixed Bathing
Accessories Used Rubber Duck
Green Bathwater
Wash Cloth

Rito Yuuki is the main charater From To Love-Ru. He has a female form known as Riko Yuuki.

To Love-Ru (manga)

Chapter 1

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Chapter 6

Main article: To Love-Ru/Chapter 6

Chapter 15

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To Love-Ru (anime)

Episode 1

Main article: To Love-Ru/Episode 1

Episode 4

Main article: To Love-Ru/Episode 4

Episode 14

Episode 16

Rito ends up Skinny Dipping Off Screen when his Swimsuit gets pulled off by a fishing hook on accident when Diving into the Swimming Pool.

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 24

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