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Rozen Maiden (anime)

Episode 2

14 October 2004

Nori Sakurada, the sister of Jun (the main character) bathes

Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen


The lyrics of the opening theme include a line that translates "shower me with petals like drops of water" while depicting water dripping from a flower.

Episode 4

25 July 2013

Jun Sakurada has a shower offscreen. The mirror can be seen flickering next to him as he takes off his shirt.

Later, after having gone shopping to buy a cat teapot for Shinku, he returns home and showers again, Shampooing his hair

Episode 5

1 August 2013

After the ending credits play, picture previews are given of the next episode which depict Shinku and Suigintou's shower battle. The narration is completely unrelated though, and mentions coming back from a "girl's trip" and that Kanaria (the 2nd-born Rozen Maiden) got drunk and nearly drowned in her [[Bath].

Episode 6

8 August 2013

There is a Clothed bathing scene when Shinku and Suigintou have a shower indoors. This is Forced Bathing. It begins when the pair are standing in the bathroom (because its mirror is a portal to the N-field, and they are discussing when they will return to their home dimension) and Suigintou turns on the shower that Shinku is standing underneath. She claims to do this to 'see what happens if the mirror gets wet', but it is done to anger Shinku.

As the showerhead is removable, Shinku uses her artificial spirit Holie to lift her up, and she grabs it and aims it at Suigintou, chasing her around the room in revenge. They then have a slap fight as the shower continues to rain down on them.

After spraying each other with the Shower Head they remove their clothing and are seen huddling under towels to dry off and get warm.

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