Run Momoki
Run Momoki
百木 るん
Gender Female
Series A Channel
Taken 3 baths
1 furo
Bathed In Skirted Bathtub
Drop-In Bathtub
Unit Bathtub
Bathed with Yuuko Nishi
Nagisa Tennouji
Situations Bath Bonding
Guest Bathing
Unconscious Bathing
Accessories Used Filth
Bath Stool
Colored Bathwater

Run Momoki is a character from A Channel.

Bathing Accessibility

Her house has an Ofuro which has a Skirted Bathtub in the manga and a Drop-In Bathtub in the anime.

Bathing Scenes

A Channel (manga)

Chapter 3

Chapter 69

Over at Tooru Ichii's house, Run is taking a Bath and Tooru checked on her too ask how the temperature was but she ended up falling asleep in it and tells her that the tub isn't a bed.

A Channel (anime)

Episode 2

she sits on a stool

Episode 9

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