Sabagebu! (さばげぶっ! meaning Survival Game Club) is a 6+ volume manga series that began in 2010. It received two anime adaptations: a 12-episode TV series that ran from July to September 2014, and a 6-episode OVA series from September 2014 to February 2015.

Sabagebu! (anime)

Episode 1

6 July 2014

Episode 2

13 July 2014

Episode 3

20 July 2014

a couple instances of Mixed Bathing and Animal Bathing occur here:

Episode 4

27 July 2014

Kamo returns to do Back Washing for Momoka Sonokawa

Episode 5

3 August 2014

Episode 6

10 August 2014

Episode 7

17 August 2014

Episode 8

24 August 2014

Episode 9

31 August 2014

elderly people and the main characters share a bath

This section lacks pictures of 1 or more scenes and needs images.

Episode 10

7 September 2014

Episode 11

14 September 2014

Episode 12

21 September 2014

Momoka Sonokawa has a Bath while tied up in a Clawfoot Bathtub where Urara Kasugano is seen getting ready to join her.

Sabagebu! Specials

Episode 1

There is Skinny Dipping from Clothing Loss.

Episode 3

There is a Furo scene.

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Bathing Scenes from 2014

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