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Sankarea (the さんかれあ title being a play on the name 散華 礼弥 of the character Rea Sanka, which in Japanese order is Sanka Rea) is a manga that ran 11 volumes from 2009 to 2014. During that time it received a 15-episode anime series in 2012 (the first 12 televised, the last 3 as OVA). It also a novel in 2013 subtitled All Night-Rea Long.

The manga was given the subtitle Undying Love in the English adaptation.

Sankarea (manga)

Volume 6

compiled 8 June 2012 in Japanese, translated 29 April 2014 into English

Volume 7

compiled 9 November 2012 in Japanese, translated 24 June 2014 in English

Chapter 36

After a cover-cameo there is a Group Shower combination Furo and Shower scene when a girl with long black hair bathes with Babu.

Volume 8

compiled 7 June 2013 in Japanese, translated 26 August 2014 into English

Sankarea (anime)

Episode 2

12 April 2012

Ranko Saouji takes a Bath.


Episode 4

26 April 2012

Dan'ichirou Sanka takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub and is depressed of the recent supposed death of his daughter Rea Sanka. Later on in the episode Rea takes a Shower and is walked in on by Jogorou Furuya.


Episode 5

3 May 2012

Jogorou Furuya takes a Bath.

Episode 8

24 May 2012

Ranko Saouji has a Bath in a Public Bath and weighs herself on a Bathroom Scale in a Towel after getting out. Mero Furuya and her classmates Ichie Shinoda and Miko Yasaka arrive at the bathhouse and start Stripping and Ranko decides to back into the baths to join them.


Episode 10

7 June 2012

In a Flashback, Dan'ichirou Sanka is given a Sponge Bath by Aria Sanka.

Sankarea OVA

The trilogy of OVAs released after the TV series are set out of order

Episode 1

Also known as Episode 0, released June 8th 2012, 運命って…ヤツは… pronounced Unmeitte... Yatsu wa... meaning "Fate is... Really..."

Rea Sanka bathes in a Hot Spring and ends up getting Peeped at on accident.

Episode 2

Also known as Episode 14, released November 9th, 2012, 身はゾンビに…心は… pronounced Mi wa Zonbi ni... Kokoro wa.. meaning "Body of a Zombie... Heart of a..."

Aria Sanka takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.

Episode 3

Also known as Episode 13, released November 30th, 2012, 吾輩も…ゾンビである… pronounced Wagahai mo... Zonbi Dearu... meaning "I am... a Zombie, too..."

Rea Sanka is taking a Shower and then the Baabu comes through the window and ends up joining her where she washes the cat with Shampoo.

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