Santa Claus is a character who has appeared in several anime series, including a 26-episode TV series in 1996 about him. He has also appeared in DC Comics and Marvel Comics and other universes linked to anime depictions.




The Secret World of Santa Claus

Episode 6

aired during 1997

In "Leon's Christmas" he is seen at the start bathing in a shoe-shaped tub. He uses a phone to speak to his elves while in it.

Video here

Video games

Kingdom Hearts II

Santa appears in the second Kingdom Hearts game, in the Nightmare before Christmas level. In the movie, he is kidnapped by Lock, Shock and Barrel (minions of the Boogie Man) and tossed into a Clawfoot Bathtub which can walk around.


Multiple toys depicting Santa Claus have been mass produced, showing him co-bathing with Mrs. Claus:

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