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Shinobu is one of the two main characters of 2x2=Shinobuden.

2x2=Shinobuden (anime)

episode 3

In episode 3 Onsokumaru has a fantasy of both Shinobu and Kaede taking a Bubble Bath. She is later taking a bath while Kaede is showering herself.

episode 6

In episode 6 she is seen naked holding a towel along with Kaede getting ready to take a bath. They are then seen in a Skinship afterward with Shinobu washing Kaede's back. Shinobu is seen washing herself in an intermission in ep. 6

episode 9

In episode 9 she is bathing in a Hot Spring with both Kaede and Miyabi but there bath time is interrupted when one Onsokumaru falls into the hot spring and all of the girls get out holding their towels.


Shinobu is shown bathing in a hot spring with Shinobu on the cover to the Vol. 2 of the english DVD's.

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