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Shizuru Fujimura
Gender Female
Series Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!
Taken 2 Showers
3 Baths
Bathed In Unit Bathtub
Hot Spring
Bathed with Lou Roux
Kiriko Aoi
Anna Aoi
Situations Furo
Getting In
Foot Dipping
Hair Down Bath
Arm Resting
Bath Cleavage
Leg Curling
High Towel Wearing
Bath Bonding
Standing In The Bath
Convenient Censoring
Accessories Used Shower Head

Shizuru Fujimura is a character from Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! She has an Ofuro with a Unit Bathtub and separate Shower Head.

Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!

Episode 4

She is seen Showering as part of a Furo session. As she Dips her foot and gets into a Bath in a Unit Bathtub, she listens to a message that is being played on a Television in the bathroom while she lays in the bath Leg Curling.

Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! Second Season

Episode 5


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