Shounen Teikoku (translated as Boy's Empire in early chapters or Boys' Empire in later ones, also goes by One Fun Sunday) is a manga series that began in 2004 by Gotou Kenji, who also goes by Juan Gotoh. There are around nine to eleven chapters in total.

There are bath scenes involving the central protagonist named Makoto Tamura (nick-named Maa-kun) sharing baths with female characters.

Boy's Empire (manga)

Chapter 2

In part 1 of chapter 2, Makoto takes a bath with his older sister, Mina Tamura:

Chapter 3

In part 2 of chapter 3, Makoto and Mina's mother, Umeko Tamura, treat them to a hot spring visit. Makoto's girlfriend, Hitomi Mizuhara is also invited.

Chapter 6

In part 2 of chapter 6, Makoto's male friend Yamaguchi Ikki and Hitomi's 2 female friends Arisa Motoki (short black hair) and Hino Kotomi (long lighter hair with glasses) go Skinny Dipping in the water playing with an inflated beach ball while Makoto is applying protective SPF lotion to Hitomi.

Chapter 9

see I can't Stop Loving You for a side-story included in the volume.

Childhood's End

(also known as The Twins' Circumstances ) is a 2008 sequel about twin children, Ichigo Tamura (fathered by Masato?) and Kyouichi Tamura (fathered by Makoto)

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