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The act of skinny dipping is when a character swims in a lake, river or any natural body of water naked. This is common for traveling characters because they are usually in areas where a bath isn't around. However, it comes with the potential hazard of getting attacked by leeches. The water is usually cold and they are out in the open meaning any common person could end up watching them. Sometimes the character may get lucky and end up finding a Hot Spring to skinny dip in. Skinny Dipping can sometimes happen in a swimming pool or if the characters are losing their bathing suit and they end up naked.

List of Skinny Dipping ScenesEdit

Unknown Date, 1980 "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"
 ? the epic scene from the book (?), in which the three Runaway boys Tom, Huck and Joe (?) go skinny-dipping in the waters of Mississippi.
October 8th, 1981 "Maicching Machiko-sensei opening credits"
Miss Machiko is seen skinny-dipping unintentionally when her students use fishing rods to remove her swimsuit while she is swimming laps.
April 9th, 1983 "Lady Georgie episode 1"
Lady georgie 1 2
The three kids Abel, Arthur and Georgie Gerald are shown skinny-dipping in a river.
December 16th, 1985 "Fire Tripper"
Fire Tripper 8
Suzuko goes skinny dipping in a river becuase she really wanted a bath.
February 26th, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 1"
Dragon Ball 1 12
Son Goku skinny dips in the lake in Mount Paozu as he knocks out a giant fish and dives into the water to get it.
August 26th, 1994 "Mobile Fighter G Gundam episode 19"
G Gundam 19 2
Natasha Zabigov goes skinny dipping in a lake and notices she is being peeped at and brings out a Gun.
April 24th, 1995 "Street Fighter II V episode 3"
While staying at a hotel, Ken Masters and Ryu Hoshi go skinny dipping in the pool.
January 25th, 1996 "Gundam 08th MS Team episode 2"
Gundam 08th MS Team 2 5
Kiki Rosita is seen skinny dipping in a lake and then finds Shiro Amada right in front of the lake (who wasn't aware that she was bathing there in the first place) and then grabs her Gun she kept nearby and starts to shoot him while she is covering her breasts.
April 25th, 1997 "Agent Aika opening credits"
Agent Aika Intro
Aika Sumeragi is shown skinny dipping in the Ocean.
October 25th, 1997 "Gundam 08th MS Team episode 7"
Gundam 08th MS Team 7 3
Shiro Amada and Aina Sahalin go skinny dipping together in a hot spring they created.
April 9th, 1999 "Turn A Gundam episode 1"
Loran Cehack goes skinny dipping in a river but then ends up getting swept away by the current bringing him to an area where Kihel Heim and Sochie Heim are bathing and end up rescuing him.
October 30th, 2000 "Inuyasha episode 3"
Kagome Higurashi skinny dips in the third episode of Inuyasha. She complains that the water is freezing and that she will go through this desperate measure to have a bath. Kagome is Peeped on by Inuyasha at the end of the scene.
September 20th, 2001 "Noir episode 25"
Noir 25 3
Chloe is seen skinny dipping.
July 27th, 2002 "Mushrambo episode 7"
Mushrambo 7 6
While the males were off Yakumo Tatsuro took a bath in a lake right by the camp. While bathing, monsters came by and Shinzo was forced to see her naked and give her a Towel so he can fight the monsters.
April 23rd, 2003 "Mahou Sensei Negima! chapter 9"
Negima ch 9 2
While passing the time being trapped in the bottom of Library Island, Makie Sasaki, Kaede Nagase, Kū Fei and Asuna Kagurazaka decide to skinny dip in the lake that ended up being down there.
April 30th, 2003 "Mahou Sensei Negima! chapter 10"
Negima ch 10 3
Continuing from the previous chapters skinny dipping in Library Island, Makie Sasaki is captured by a giant golem while still bathing with Kaede Nagase and Kū Fei. Kaede and Kū Fei both quickly rescue her from the golem and get dressed while running away.
January 1st, 2004 "Read or Die episode 19"
Read or Die 9 19
Alice Alice Arquette goes skinny dipping in a lake that was in a cave.
November 9th, 2004 "Desert Punk episode 6"
Desert punk 6 2
Mariko is shown skinny dipping in a dream sequence.
April 10th, 2005 "Zoids Genesis episode 1"
Re Mii is seen skinny dipping in a river wearing only a short loincloth where she catches a big fish with her bare hands.
May 29th, 2005 "Märchen Awakens Romance episode 9"
Mar 9 2
Dorothy goes skinny dipping. The water for some reason is pink.
April 19, 2007 "Boku no Pico episode 2"
Chico goes skinny dipping in the river.
July 3rd, 2007 "Umisho episode 1"
Umisho1 5
Amuro Ninagawa goes skinny dipping in the ocean.
April 14th, 2008 "Soul Eater episode 2"
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa goes skinny dipping in a random lake while traveling with Black Star. Black Star tries to peek at her but because of him being bad at stealth is easily found out and gets hit by a shuriken Tsubaki throws at him.
July 6th, 2011 "Fairy Tail chapter 241"
Fairy Tail ch 241
Ultear Milkovich skinny dips in a vision she has during one panel after falling into the ocean during her fight with Gray Fullbuster. In the vision, she is naked in the ocean water where she realizes her mother Ur's soul is in the water and finds that she is joined together with it.
September 21st, 2011 "Fairy Tail chapter 251"
Fairy Tail Ch 251 6
Lucy Heartfilia and Cana Alberona go skinny dipping in a lake medical herbs on Tenrou Island to heal their wounds after the battle against Grimoire Heart. The anime adaption of this scene in Episode 121 changed this lake into a formal Bathing Pool.
February 29th, 2012 "Rinne no Lagrange episode 7"
Rinne no Lagrange 7 29
Madoka Kyouno, Muginami and Fin E Ld Si Laffinty all go Skinny Dipping in the Ocean reconciling their friendship.
May 21st, 2014 "No Game No Life Episode 7"
No Game No Life7 7
Kurami Zell is seen Skinny Dipping in a pond in Elven Garde.
October 21st, 2014 "Akatsuki no Yona Episode 3"
Akatsuki no Yona3 1
Still depressed after escaping Hiryuu Palace, Princess Yona is seen Skinny Dipping in a pond, getting leeches on her legs as she gets out.
January 11th, 2015 "Junketsu no Maria Episode 1"
Junketsu no Maria1 3
Maria has a skinny dip in a spring.

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